Foods that Strengthen Your Teeth & Dental Health

Foods that Strengthen Your Teeth & Dental Health

Most people believe if they brush and floss every day they will maintain good oral hygiene but there is much more to consider. The food that you consume can significantly affect your dental health and should be carefully considered. Continue reading to learn about a few foods that can help strengthen your teeth and give you an improved smile.

Sugar-Free Gum

Gum is constantly being debated if it is good or bad for your oral health, but the fact is that if it is sugar-free, gum can have a positive impact on your dental health. Chewing gum stimulates your saliva glands and helps break up plaque from leftover food. The combination of these effects has proven to be beneficial for your smile.

Raw Vegetables

The act of chewing crunchy raw vegetables such as celery, carrots, green beans, and cauliflower helps your mouth fight plaque. The action also cleans your gums, keeping them moist and happy.

Calcium-Rich Foods

Yogurt, cheese, milk, almonds, and seafood have high levels of calcium and have been proven to positively impact your dental health. The calcium found in these foods will strengthen your teeth enamel, making them more resistant to damage.

Foods that Strengthen Your Teeth & Dental Health

Vitamins C & D

Vitamin C reduces inflammation in your gums and strengthens blood vessels. You can find Vitamin C in bell peppers, broccoli, and kale. Vitamin D-rich foods include fish and egg yolks and help your body and teeth absorb Vitamin C.


Though many people steer clear of garlic for its lasting effects on the breath, it has been shown to benefit your oral health. With its strong antimicrobial properties, it helps your mouth to fight tooth decay and periodontal disease.

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Posted on: Wednesday, June 6, 2018
Last modified on: Wednesday, June 6, 2018

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