What You Need to Know about Your Wisdom Teeth

What You Need to Know about Your Wisdom Teeth

Why Do Wisdom Teeth Need to Come Out?

The reason many people need their wisdom teeth removed is that there is not enough room for all the teeth in their mouth. Wisdom teeth are your third molars, the last ones to come in after your other molars have shaped into your gums, taking all the space they need. Because they come in under such pressure, wisdom teeth end up causing problems by coming in at an angle, pushing your other teeth and disrupting the alignment of your teeth. Wisdom teeth removal is sometimes recommended before wisdom teeth begin causing problems but other times, it is after they have already come in and the problem persists.

How to Tell If You Need Your Wisdom Teeth Out

If your wisdom teeth have not come in yet, you should be able to tell how much space there is in your mouth for them. Use a mirror to take a look inside your mouth, past your first and second molars. If you can fit a finger between your second molar and the back of your mouth, you just might have enough space for your wisdom teeth. Though this test can be useful, it is hard to know if your wisdom teeth are coming in straight, so for that, you will need your dentist’s opinion and dental x-rays to see what is happening under the surface.

What You Need to Know about Your Wisdom Teeth

Seeing a Dentist about Your Wisdom Teeth

The only way to know if you will need your wisdom teeth out is to consult your dentist. When meeting with your dentist about this procedure, be sure to ask questions so you can prepare for surgery. Some questions you should ask your dentist are:

  • “How many wisdom teeth need to be removed?”
  • “Are there any risks for me during this procedure?”
  • “What will my recovery process look like?”
Remove Your Wisdom Teeth in Northeast, Nebraska

If you need your wisdom teeth removed and you live in or around Northeast Nebraska, give Family First Dental a call at (402) 644-3177 to schedule an appointment today.


Posted on: Friday, May 25, 2018
Last modified on: Tuesday, June 19, 2018

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